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  • No 23 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Back 23 Newstead Drive & 1st Cul-di-Sac

  • No 25 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Back Abbey Park Notice Board Thank you for visiting our Christmas windows site. We wish you all a very happy, warm, safe and secure Christmas 2023

  • No 22 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Back 71 Waltham Close

  • Forum | Abbey Park Nottm

    Pour voir cela fonctionner, rendez-vous sur votre site en ligne. Catégories Tous les posts Mes posts Forum Welcome! Have a look around and join the discussions. Créer un nouveau post General Discussions Share stories, ideas, pictures and more! subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 3 S'abonner Untitled category What’s this category about? Tell visitors what they’ll find in this discussion. subcategory-list-item.views subcategory-list-item.posts 0 S'abonner Nouveaux posts Gary Grove 14 févr. 2021 Recycling Plastic Milk Bottle Tops General Discussions Does anybody know of any local schemes for plastic milk bottle tops? I was looking around a couple of years ago and found GHS Charity Scheme, it looks like they are still running, but, unfortunately, no longer able to accept nominations for new charities. The current charities they can support are: • Help For Hero’s • London Air Ambulance • RSPCA • Ability Dogs 4 Young People • Alicia Panel Fund • Alzheimer’s Research • Springboards Projects • Hurstwood Park League of Friends • French Bulldog Saviours • Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline • Downright Perfect • Cancer Research • Hants and IOW Air Ambulance • Harbour Cancer Support • Hearing Dogs For Deaf Children • Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme • Gift Of Sight It looks like quite a few of those are local to the Portsmouth area, where GHS are based, but there are also some national charities. If there is nothing at the moment, is there any interest in setting up a collection in the Abbey Park area? Cheers Gary J'aime 4 commentaires 4 abbeyparkng 05 déc. 2020 Just for fun. General Discussions Can anyone guess where this sin from a photo was taken? Answer will be revealed at a later date. J'aime 0 commentaire 0 abbeyparkng 30 nov. 2020 What do you think would improve the Abbey Park area? General Discussions Any ideas you have can be brought to the APCA meetings for discussion. Light bulb moments J'aime 0 commentaire 0 Forum - Frameless

  • Abbey Park Memories | Abbey Park Nottm

    Abbey Park Memories Home We have started this page and hope that visitors to it will be able to look into the past. and maybe relive happy times too. If you have any photographs or memorabilia we would love to include it too. All you need do is email us at our usual email address . Scan QR code to go to the South County Facebook Page Every now and again, we receive items that elude to the history of Abbey Road and its surroundings. We were more than grateful to obtain this wonderful photograph of a class of students with their teachers at South County School, (now West Bridgford Junior School) on Exchange Road from Keith who grew up on Abbey Road. The photograph is circa 1952. Below is a list of the adults and children, some whom we believe to have passed away. However, you may remember the names yourself if you are of a certain age. On a personal note and having worked at West Bridgford Junior School for 25 years until I took early retirement, I can see that this photograph was taken on the back wall of the playground next to what I knew to be the P.E. shed on the right of the picture. It was recently made into a rather lovely classroom. Back row : Miss Ford/Harrison? Colin Wills, Wendy Greatrix, Malcom Barnes, June Legg, Richard Hammond, Anthea Rutherford, Alan Stokes, Mary Legg, Keith Rose, Rosemary Cluro, John Fox, Mr Angrave. Middle Row : Trevor Mountford, Gillian Bartlet, Alan Griggs, Gillian Keyworth, Richard Barret, Christine Pretty, Anthony Zablocki, Ivy Offler, Keith Sansom, Broadbent ? John Mann. Front Row: Linda Coleman, David Whittington, Josephine ? Peter Stevenson, Gillian ?, JohnWellings, ? Alan Disbrow, Josephine ? Barry Miles, Carol Taylor, Gillian Wallace. ​ ​ Keith had several siblings and here, he writes about his dear brother who sadly passed away recently.

  • Committee Members | Abbey Park Community Association | West Bridgford

    About Us APCA Abbey Park Community Association Committee Members Simon Middlecote (Chair) Sue Andrew (Vice Chair) ​ Caroline Stone (Secretary) ​ Ruth Kerry (Treasurer & Website) Chris Holmes (Minutes) Penny Gowland (Rushcliffe Borough Councillor) ​ Catherine Bailey ​ Joanne Whittingham ​ Helen Hetherington ​ Jo Mansfield ​ ​ ​ Home

  • Tree Planting for Future Generations | Abbey Park Nottm

    Tree Planting Streetwise have now started planting to replace the beautiful Ash Trees that were damaged by dieback. New Acers, Cherries and Red Oak are being planted and will be hopefully gracing our park in years to come. Thankfully, Streetwise has a contractor to water them every 3 weeks from March. However it should ideally be once a week. If you can help in any way to ensure they settle in and become well established, please email us at ​ ​ More discussions are underway with a view to planting a possible orchard and even a mini forest so watch this space!

  • Community Gathering 2023 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Community Gathering 10th September 2023 Another fantastic afternoon was had on our second Community Gathering. It's always great to see people coming together enjoying the stalls and activities. no matter what age. A massive thank you to all on the committee and everyone else who helped organise the event, but our very special thanks go to Nell, Aiya & Emie! As thunderstorms were forecast we started a little earlier than planned . Thankfully the brief rain we had didn't stop to much of the fun. We hope you all enjoyed the afternoon!

  • Original House Plans | Abbey Park Nottm

    Abbey Park Housing Development Abbey Park was built by Costain Homes on land that was, until then, fields and allotments (see side by side maps below). The Willow Tree pub was constructed at the same time and remains an integral part of the community. The estate is arranged in a series of cul-de-sacs with two through-roads, Rufford Way and Buckfast Way. The latter was only possible ofter No's 101 & 103 Abbey Road were demolished. The housing estate consists of townhouse, semi-detached, link detached, and detached houses, with a small number of bungalows. Bisham Drive, Dale Close, Newstead Drive, Mountsorrel Drive, Fountains Close, Waltham Close, and Nearsby Drive, are all named after famous abbeys. ​ Link to Side by Side Mapping Our thanks go to Amanda Dennis for sending the following PDF files of the original sales information leaflets.

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