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Abbey Park Orchard


A few months ago we floated the idea of a community orchard on Abbey Park. We are looking to push forward with the project and we would love get your comments on the project. We are also looking for local people to ‘adopt’ one of the trees to make sure they are properly watered during really dry periods. we now have two plans showing a maximum of 20 trees. Can we get 20 people to adopt a tree? You can comment on here or also send an email to The plans are also available on the notice board and Abbey Park Local Facebook Group 

Thank you to all those who took time to submit comments on the consultation. They are currently being collated and we hope to have news on the Orchard soon. 

Following on from the suggestions of an alternative site next to the bus turning circle I have produced an alternative layout for this site as well. I have an open mind about which site might be most appropriate. I can see pros and cons in each. Please feel free to comment on this alternative proposal via email to the Community Association.
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