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Minutes of the Meeting 14th January 2020

Present:- Residents of the Abbey Park Area

Simon Middlecote opened the meeting by introducing the members of the interim committee, which had been chosen at the last meeting.

Sue and Joan have worked on the public gardens on the estate for over 12 years. It has come to light that there are areas not owned by Nottinghamshire County Council or Rushcliffe Borough Council. It is believed that Redrow Homes (the successor to Costain’s) still own some of the land but they do not respond to any communication. Similar ownership issues were reported around the Community Centre run by Metropolitan Housing which led to maintenance issues (paths, hedges etc) not being tackled.
Concern was raised about the uneven surfaces on paths around the housing near the Community Centre and the wider estate.

It was Agreed That a letter was to be sent to the Nottinghamshire County Council, Rushcliffe Borough Council and Metropolitan Housing Association to resolve land ownership issues so that proper maintenance of trees, shrubbery and paths can be organised.

Reference was made to attempt to get the County Council to improve the conditions of Stamford Road. No progress had been made so far. The need was stressed to report any accidents trips as this would strengthen the case for repairs.
Concern was expressed about the parking outside the rugby club on Stamford Road/Rufford Way, particularly on Sunday’s. This has been an on going problem. Cones have been put out but then not taken in afterwards and then got broken.

It was agreed that Councillor Liz Plant would make arrangements for a meeting to discuss traffic issues on Stamford Road/Rufford Way with appropriate County Council officers, Simon Middlecote, Sue Andrew and the neighbouring County Councillor Johathon Wheeler.

It was agreed that the depot site had been sold subject to contract.
The pumping station was not a listed building but steps were being taken by Simon Middlecote to see if an application to achieve listed building status could be developed.

It was felt that the Pumping Station was an important part of West Bridgford’s development and should be retained. It was thought that a petition should be arranged to Rushcliffe Borough Council requesting it be retained. In the meantime steps were being taken to see if an application for listed building status could be made.

It was reported that the Central West Bridgford Community Association (WBCA) which had been going since the 1970’s covered Abbey Park Estate and it was suggested that the interim APRA could be a sub-group of the WBCA until it was formalised.

It was agreed that there was a need to formalise the Abbey Park Residents Association and that a small group be established to take this forward.

Local beat police PC Rob Archer and PCSO June Baker attended to reassure residents following the recent burglaries on the estate which appeared to be targeted. Crime prevent measures were discussed. Crime prevention material was to be provided by the police to Sue Andrew (which has arrived) for distribution at the next meeting. The police were happy to provide crime prevention information to individual residents.
Suspicious activity should be reported to the police by phoning 101 or 999.
Reference was made to an existing ‘Whats App Group’ for a particular part of a street which shared information about suspicious activities. It was thought there could be merit in this being set up for other locations.

The second meeting of the book club was to be on Monday 20th January at the Willow Tree Pub at 8pm.

There was a wish to hold other social events following on from the Book Club and book swop. Ideas mentioned were picnic on the park, singing group and a film night – possibly in the theatre.

It was pointed out that there were no buses for the residents near to the Community Centre on Saturdays/Sundays and bank holidays as the 22 and 23 did not operate then.
One suggestion was for the number 7 bus to be slightly re-routed so it went into the old turning circle on Buckfast Way. The need for a bus shelter outside the Community Centre was stressed.

It was agreed that a petition be organised for Councillor Liz Plant to present to a County Council meeting so that these issues could be taken forward.

It was agreed that the next meeting be held on Tuesday 25th February at 7pm. It was felt this should be at the Community Centre if possible.

The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.

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