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23rd November 2021

Present:- Simon Middlecote (Chair) , Ruth Kerry, Sue Andrew, Lesley Morris, Chris Holmes, Councillor Penny Gowland, Caroline Stone, Deb Triffit
Apologies:- Catherine Bailey, Rani Joshi.
The minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 14th September 2021 were noted.
Ruth gave details of the current financial position. She indicated that a bill for £460 had been received from Streetwise for the trees and their planting. A kind donation had been received with grateful thanks towards the cost of the cherry trees. It was noted that there was a need to plan ahead as to how we would meet our on-going running costs
It was agreed that consideration of on-going running costs be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.
The tree planting on the field and the bus turning circle had now been completed by Streetwise. They would need watering from March 2022. Edmund Campion School had indicated they would like to be involved. Contact was to be made with Abbey Road School to see if they wanted to be involved. There was an offer of a gene pool tree from the Major Oak for planting on the green .
Lesley and Simon were thanked for their work in arranging the tree planting.
It was agreed :-
That the arrangements for tree watering be considered at the next meeting.
That further investigations be made about the Major Oak gene pool tree with Simon to contact Rushcliffe
A conversation had been had with an officer at Rushcliffe about having the shared land on the estate designated as an asset of community value.
It was agreed Simon would follow this up and get further information.
West Bridgford Community Association were pursuing the idea of developing a neighbourhood plan.
It was agreed that in principle the Association supported participation in developing a neighbourhood plan for the area.
A draft letter from the Secretary of the Central West Bridgford Community Association to the Chief Executive of Rushcliffe was considered. The letter asked for clarification as to how the West Bridgford’s “neighbourhood portion” of the Community Infrastructure Levy was to be decided. Lady Bay Community Association had agreed to be co-signatories of the letter and we were asked to also sign the letter.
It was agreed to add the Association’s signature to the letter
Congestion around the schools was discussed. It was noted that the City Council had closed roads temporarily around some schools and it was raised as to whether this would be appropriate on Abbey Park. Comment was also made about the pollution from the ice cream van parked outside the school at home time.
The need for double yellow lines on the bend opposite the Willow Tree was highlighted.
It was agreed that Simon would write to Councillor Gowland with suggestions for improving the congestion around the schools and that the Parent Teacher Associations for both schools be contacted.
The advent windows displays were all organised to start on 1st December.

The following events were proposed:-
Sue was keen to arrange a safari sale in March/ April and would speak to Abbey School Home School Association.
A picnic on the field at the start of May.
Sunday 16th January was suggested for litter picking on the estate.
It was reported that proposed changes to the existing ward boundaries had been published by the Electoral Commission. The consultation period was to end shortly.
Sue asked for approval to purchase some spring bulbs for the estate.
It was agreed to allocate £50 for the purchase of spring bulbs.
It was agreed that the next meeting would be an open meeting at the Community Centre on Tuesday 8th February 2022.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

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