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The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library is about Nora, a 35 year old who is regretful about her life and feels alienated and unneeded in this world. In the depths of her wallowing, she comes across the Midnight Library. In it, each book she picks up represents a portal into another version of what her life could have been. As she opens these books she is transported into different versions of her life -- relationships she could have had, careers she could have pursued etc.

Canongate Books Ltd
Publishing date
RRP (paperback)
An eminently readable and thought provoking book from an author not afraid to write about mental issues. 8/10. Catherine.

A ‘marmite’ book that wasn’t for me, but offers a unique narrative and an insight into mental health. 4/10. Jenny.

After a life of regret and struggling with mental health, Nora decides to commit suicide. She ends up in a place between life and death, she is given the opportunity to try out infinite variations of her life. This is a book about living, not dying. A great read. 10/10. Jo.
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