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Person's Unknown

A brutal murder. A detective with no one left to trust. A city banker bleeds to death yards from a Cambridgeshire police headquarters. DI Manon Bradshaw's World is turned upside down when the victim turns out to be closer to her than she could have guessed. When even her trusted colleagues turn their backs on her, its time to contemplate the unthinkable, are those she holds dear capable of murder.

The Borough Press
Publishing date
RRP (paperback)
5 April 2018
Not a favourite of the book group! We found the characterisation lacked depth, story lines went no where and the author was simply ticking off contemporary issues, rather than creating a realistic engaging story. However, we did enjoy 'Birdie' and 'Angel' and would have liked a book that was solely about them. We give the book 5 out 10. Thanks Jenny for the review.
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