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Devil's Day

Fans of Hurley's chillingly brilliant debut, The Loney, won’t be disappointed by this atmospheric slice of fear and folklore, set amidst the bleakly beautiful Lancashire moors.

John Murray Publishers
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I found this book very slow and struggled to get through it I’m sorry to say. I only managed half way through & in some ways it did give a sense of what rural life is like from my experience of farm life but all became ridiculous and very unreal. I felt the author struggled to convey with any conviction or passion what he wanted to say about the family members and as events unfurled it just became ridiculous.
I really wanted to finish this book but it appears from the group chat it was not worth ploughing on with. I too would certainly not read more by this author.
Hilary 3/10

Centred on a rural, isolated, insular sheep farming community in Lancashire where life seems bleak, grim and relentless.
There are lots of old resentments, local traditions, superstitions and the power of nature described in fragmented, graphic, hopeless misery which never really come together to form a cohesive story.
The book builds a sense of discomfort and unease but doesnt really develop it as there are lots of inconsistencies and continuity errors.
Annette 3/10

Very atmospheric, almost gothic, the moorlands and forest holds secrets about deaths and disappearing people, perhaps by accident or possibly caused by the devil himself. There is no great adventure in this story and quite a few gaps. But I quite enjoyed this book and gave it.
Sue 8 /10
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