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Minutes of Meeting of 7th February 2022 7pm

Present:- Simon Middlecote (Chair) , Ruth Kerry, Sue Andrew, Lesley Morris, Councillor Penny Gowland, Caroline Stone, Deb Triffit

Guests: Rob Archer & Judith Brown (RBC Community Safety)

Apologies:- Catherine Bailey, Rani Joshi, Chris Holmes

The minutes of the previous committee meeting held on 23rd November 2021 were noted. BANK

Ruth gave details of the current financial position. She indicated that the bank account held 1,085.79p but we were at presently holding funds of £600 for the Defibrillator fund for the application by Warrens Barbers. The fund is awaiting further monies then the defibrillator will be purchased and placed by the One Stop Shop on Gordon Road.
On-going running costs were not discussed as per agenda.

Pc Matthew Holden gave an update regarding the recent crime wave saying that it had calmed down and three people were now in prison and a further person on bail who is being monitored closely. He followed this by saying the police do monitor all crimes in the area weekly and use what CCTV there is available when required. He gave insights as to how to protect our homes and belongings and suggested that valuables be registered on
The committee asked if we could have a bike marking event on Abbey Park, which was agreed. PC Holden will arrange a date and this will be advertised.
Judith Brown was able to bring along several security items which are available. Sue Andrews has these should people need them. They include:
Nuts and bolts to replace screws on shed, Purse chains & bells, Personal alarms, Security pens, No uninvited caller stickers, Anti theft number plate screws, 24 hour plug in timers, Ultra thin vibrating alarms & Heavy duty alarm locks. Further information can be found here communitysafety/

Verges and communal green space - It was noted that there are areas within Abbey Park that are well used as pathways where Stopping Up orders would not be allowed on these communal green spaces.
Community Infrastructure Levy - Simon reported that the meeting with Rushcliffe BC to discuss the distribution of the Community Infrastructure Levy he was due to attend had been delayed until 16th February. He will attend this and that he would report back to the committee at the next meeting.
Adult gym equipment - Adult Gym Equipment was discussed. Penny Gowland said there was little funding available from RBC for this at the moment. Simon will look at possible placement of gym equipment on the park with the intention of undertaking a public consultation with the local community on the idea. If the ideas are supported the next step would be to try and raise funds for the equipment. The Community Infrastructure Levy could be a potential source of this funding.
Football posts - Football posts were also discussed. Deb Triffitt reiterated the issues other areas have had when posts have been erected for general use, saying that local teams are short of places to play & have been known to ‘take over’ using them as their regular play area.
Tree planting - Lesley updated us on the Major Oak sapling due to be officially planted on 23rd February by the Mayor of Rushcliffe. It will be placed near the recently planted fruit trees which will

create both an area of environmental and historical interest, The sapling (the last one available this year) will need protection and Ruth agreed to organise a cage. Also in attendance will be Penny Gowland, two teachers from St Edmond Campion School and twelve pupils. The school very kindly agreed to adopt some of the trees (which will be labelled) and water them. Sue & Lesley will prepare the ground works for the planting prior to the 23rd.
The committee agreed to donate £50 to the RSPB for the Major Oak sapling

Penny informed the meeting that new signage is being installed near Abbey Road & Edmond Campion schools to advise that these roads are not to be used for school drop off in vehicles.
Simon also noted that a ‘Walk to School Week’ was 16-20th May.

Litter Picking - Ruth fed back re the January Litter Picking Event saying it had been useful and rather a lot of empty spirit bottles had been retrieved amongst other items. The next litter pick is 20th February
Party in the Park - A ‘Party in the Park’ was raised and it was agreed to hold this on Sunday 11th September. Further details to be announced. Advertising will posted nearer the date.
Safari Sale - Sue fed back on a ‘Safari Sale’ saying she had been in contact with someone from Abbey Road School Parents Association and that any funds raised would possibly be split 50/50 between the school and ourselves. No date has been set as yet.
Book club - The Book Club is going from strength to strength and now has 23 or more members. Board Games Night - The Games Night, again held at the Willow Tree although small, is an
enjoyable event for those that meet up.
Wild flower planting - Deb brought up further wild flower planting. She will liaise with Wendy King
with a view to sourcing appropriate wild flower seeds..
Park Benches - More Benches for the park where requested by a resident. It was noted that there are no benches on the park at all. This will be looked at in the future with regard locations and potential fund raising.

It was agreed that the next meeting would be an open meeting at the Willow Tree on 10th May 2022. The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

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